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Friday, January 05, 2007

I want a training contract

05.01.07 I want a training contract and you're going to help me - after all, you are a recruitment consultant...
This is often an approach taken by law students or graduates hunting around for work experience or training contracts who seem to think that if they utilise their cross examination skills well, a lowly recruitment consultant will eventually cave in and admit that they can actually identify a training contract for them and book an interview there and then. The call usually goes:
"Hi - I'm a graduate not quite qualified with an LLB - I want a training contract."
"Right - and what do you think we can do to help".
"Well, you are recruitment consultants arent you?"
"Yes, but we specialise in solicitors."
"Well, I am almost a solicitor - I have an LLB - why can't you get me a training contract?"
"Because we only assist qualified solicitors - have you visited our careers page for our free guide on obtaining a training contract?"
"No - I'm not looking for careers advice - I am looking for work - I am doing the LPC next year..?"
This tends to carry on for a while before they get exasperated and hang up! As a rule of thumb, we and any other consultants cannot find training contracts. Some years ago I think I assisted one person get a contract, but that was in particularly exceptional circumstances with someone who had been in the industry for many years so was recruited on the basis of that rather than their qualifications.
Finding a training contract or paralegal post is up to you as an individual - get your CV honed up, get experience and get applying - see our guide for assistance...

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