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Ten-Percent Foundation Donations for March 2015

Our 10% Donations for February 2015 The trustees of the Ten-Percent Foundation (a charitable trust) have met and decided on the following donations for Spring 2015: Knowsley Domestic Violence Service - £1,000. Centre 63, Merseyside - £300. Unicef - £100. Chester Zoo - £60. LawCare - £1,000. Y Care International - £300. British Stammering Association - £500. Ace of Clubs - £500 (suggested by Hanne & Co) Standalone - £200. Hughes Syndrome Foundation - £100 Time Out Group - £200. (suggested by Chafes) St Johns Seminary, Tanzania (providing the funding for 5 students to attend school) - £2,200. Total amount donated so far in 2015 - £6,460. We have a good chunk of money still in the bank and we plan to work out expenditure of this in mid-Summer 2015. We will get details of how the money has been used by each charity and send out details in the next newsletter. Some of the above charities have been suggested by candidates and clients. Others are linked to our trustees&