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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Presents for Lawyers

Christmas is almost upon us, and I take the opportunity to provide a list of possible Christmas presents for lawyers and recruitment consultants, as well as shamelessly plug our own Christmas present ideas for solicitors, barristers, paralegals and anyone else.

Gift Vouchers for Careers & CV Writing Services, ranging from £25 to £500. What could be a better present than one that could last a lifetime... - lots of interesting T Shirts and cups and things - including a baby outfit with "my mummys a lawyer" - would anyone really be brave enough to send their child off to nursery in this?
This is by far the best present I have seen - a large poster sized version of the Smoke Ball advert - I bet this gets sold to loads of 1st year law students every year.. A bargain at £20.00.

(incidentally we dont get any commission for these links!).
Also from the same site - 'Non Illegitimi Carborundum' woven diagonally, with lion motifs in the pattern. A tie with the famous motive on - isnt this the motive on the watch sent to Asil Nadir by a Tory MP before he legged it to Northern Cyprus many years ago?

Jonathan Fagan, MD of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment -