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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Are Recruitment Consultants crooks?

are Recruitment Consultants crooks?
"After all you lie, cheat and generally behave abominably without making much effort to help anyone find a job!"
I think some firms are convinced that consultants are there simply to cream off money that would otherwise have gone into the partners pockets. I have heard it said that we effectively swindle firms into handing over huge swathes of cash for no work or actual knowledge about the candidate or the firm we are dealing with.
Well, most consultants these days are trained and qualified. Whilst I have to accept that this does not mean that the market has avoided its fair share of cowboy operators, it does mean that a good number of consultants have obtained MREC or FREC status from the REC - Recruitment & Employment Confederation ( ) and have agreed to adhere to policies of best practice and ethical standards. I have not seen or heard of many consultants in recent years acting in ways that you would think them to be lacking in morals or ethics! I myself have sat the Certificate of Recruitment Practice exam, and found it interesting to say the least as to what the industry considers best practice. Very useful indeed, and we picked up pointers that have assisted us assist candidates and clients alike.

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