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New for 2015 - Free Guide to Getting a Training Contract or Work Experience for Law Graduates, Paralegals etc..

We have had a Guide on our Legal Careers Shop for many years, but after 8 years we have decided it is probably time to update and upgrade it, particularly when the previous version talks about writing letters to law firms (no mention of email, which until c.2010 was still alien for a lot of law firms).  This work is now complete and you can view the guide by visiting our Legal Careers Shop and downloading it. There is no charge and the guide includes the following: A guaranteed failsafe technique for getting both work experience and a training contract.  Answers queries you may have about legal recruitment agencies and whether they can help.  Guides you to improving your chances on getting work experience or a training contract.  Download the guide at and then visit and read some of the 100s of articles on preparing your CV, completing application forms, attending interviews, tactics for improving response rates to applica