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Legal Job Market Report March 2012

Just released. Visit for details. Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment - Online Legal Recruitment for Solicitors, Legal Executives, Fee Earners, Support Staff, Managers and Paralegals . Visit our Website to search or download our Vacancy Database or view our Candidate Database online. Our Legal Careers Shop has eBooks on CV Writing for Lawyers, Legal Job Interview Guide, Interview Answers for Lawyers, NQ Career Guide, Guide to Finding Work Experience or a Training Contract and the Entrants Guide to the Legal Profession. To visit our Sale/Clearance section please click here .

The Perfect Interview

If you could conduct the perfect job interview how would it go? Here is our suggestion. If you have any others, let us know via or our facebook account. 1. Set up the interview room with the interviewee's chair in an odd position. 2. Get one of your employees to sit in the waiting room and engage the interviewee in conversation about anything non-work related. 3. When greeting the interviewee, shake their hand for a minimum of 5 seconds. 4. See what they do with the chair. 5. Interview questions as follows: a. If you were conducting this interview, what would you want to find out about yourself? b. Tell me about yourself in 30 seconds. c. Tell me about myself in 30 seconds. d. If I was to go onto the internet and find out about you, what would I find? e. If I was to tell you that there is no salary offered for this role and I want you to pay me to work here, what would you say? f. Tell me a joke. g. What is 24 x 67? h. If man had three legs, what a

Application Forms for Legal Jobs - waste of time?

As well as recruiting solicitors, we also coach solicitors on the careers side. I have recently been working with a number of entrants to the legal profession on their training contract applications to the larger city law firms. It is quite fascinating to see the application forms and the sheer length and complexity of them. As a recruiter, I am starting to question why the process cannot be shortened somewhat for everyone concerned. I know it will put a few administration assistants out of a job, and ruin a few dinner party conversations amongst senior partners at some of the larger London law firms as to who has the longest form, but what about adopting the following strategy for recruitment at training contract and vacation placement level? Surely this will save time and costs? 1. Get each applicant to go online and fill out a form consisting of: a. Their name, address, postcode, telephone number and email address. b. Their A Level grades or equivalent. c. Their degree class or a

Qualify as a Solicitor without a Training Contract

We (Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment ) were called today by a student with a very interesting proposition. In view of the Alternative Business Structures, if your plan is to run your own law firm once qualified, why bother getting a training contract? I started to reel off the usual stuff about training contracts and becoming a solicitor before thinking this through. She (the student) has a very valid point. Why bother getting a training contract and going through all the hassle of qualifying as a solicitor if you can set up your own law firm, recruit a solicitor to be a partner (and after all in the current market law firms seem to think that solicitors don't need to be paid a salary anyway!), get them to give you a training contract at some point and qualify whenever you feel like it? Furthermore, you can use the Law Society/SRA exemption for any work that you have done already that is at training contract level? How much money could be saved? Professional Indemnity insurance is lik