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How Correct was a Top UK Psychic for his 2017 predictions?

Predictions for 2017 - how correct was a top UK Psychic (as seen on TV)?   Craig Hamilton-Parker is our company's favourite psychic. Every year he produces a list of predictions for the coming year and we note them and check up 12 months later to see how well he has done. He does not give up and we admire him for this, although we do sense he is a fervent Brexiteer and Trump supporter! Mr Hamilton-Parker's predictions for 2017: 1. Hillary Clinton will resign from politics because of the release of documents that reveal financial corruption and falsification of government documents. (0/10 - she's still there!). 2. Denmark and Italy pull out of EU as Euro crashes. 2017 sees Italy in serious economic problems. (0/10) 3. Economic chaos in Europe (and America) with riots in many European capital and big cities (Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Paris and Prague) In these places many people are suffering serious poverty and food shortages due to the failure of the