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Visiting Two Charities on Merseyside - The First Step and Centre 63

Centre 63 and The First Step - charities supported by the Ten-Percent Foundation The two trustees of the Ten-Percent Foundation (the charitable trust linked to Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment and responsible for distributing the annual 10% donation of profits) visited a couple of charities in North West England today. Both are within an hours drive of our company head office in Mold and we have supported them in the past. We have made a decision to look at developing long term funding for both charities and so went to meet the charities to discuss how and what we can assist with. Both charities fit our spending criteria as follows: The charity deals with a range of work that appeals to us. The charity has no ulterior motive – eg religious teachings or political leanings. The charity appears to do some good and does not just hoard money or spend it frivolously. The charity pays its staff a reasonable and not excessive level of remuneration. We went to visi