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25% of Students get a 1st class degree - surely some mistake?

 25% of Students now graduate with a 1st class degree The Times newspaper reported this week that 25% of all undergraduates finish up with a 1st class degree at the end of their time at University. This is compared with 17% in 2012 and (probably) considerably less than this as you go back over time. Does this mean that Lower numbers of students go out on the lash midweek and get completely wasted? More students have increased their intelligence levels and therefore able to achieve higher grades? The drugs have got better at most UK universities? Or does it mean that Universities have worked out a way to increase their funding and/or market their courses and demonstrate success to prospective students? Hmm. I suspect the latter, although anecdotal evidence does suggest that considerably less students now spend their 3 years in the student union bar. Anecdotal Evidence We see increasing numbers of 1st class degree students getting nowhere with their careers whereas i

Charity Nominations for 2017

Charities Nominated for Donations 2017 So far this year we have had the following charities nominated for donations by candidates and clients. To see our policy on donations please visit: Bloodwise Greenwich Housing Rights Howard League The Parent House Daisey Garland Charity PVNH Support Helping Older People (New Forest) We expect to continue our support of LawCare, Ace of Clubs, Reprieve and Unlock. If anyone else wants to nominate a charity for a donation, please let me know. Our main policy is that we will not donate to charities who pay any staff more than £75k per annum. Jonathan Fagan is Managing Director of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment and a non-practising Solicitor. Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment provides online Legal Recruitment for Solicitors, Legal Executives, Fee Earners, Support Staff, Managers and Paralegals . Visit our Website to search our Vacancy Database.

A Psychic's 2016 New Year Predictions Revisited

A Psychic's 2016 New Year Predictions Revisited Every year we carry an article in our January Newsletter about predictions for the previous year by an "expert" online psychic, Craig Hamilton-Parker (from Mr Hamilton-Parker charges £1.50 per minute for his services via telephone consultations. We have also included Mr Hamilton-Parker's 2017 predictions below to see how he does when we revisit in 2018. In 2014 Mr Hamilton-Parker scored 1 out of 16 but managed to get 5 out of 16 in 2015. Online Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker's Predictions and Results for 2016 1. Massive earthquake in Himalayas causes dam to burst (wrong). 2. Japanese island sinks beneath the sea (wrong). 3. Unprecedented rainfall disrupts some of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (wrong, although there was a bright green swimming pool). 4. A comet/asteroid is missed by most astronomical observatories and comes close to Earth (wrong). 5. EU referendum