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Crime Solicitor Duty Rota Slot Shop and November 2012 CDS 12 deadline

Crime Solicitor Duty Solicitor Rota Slot Shop is open for business for November 14th 2012 CDS12 Deadline A new way of finding somewhere to lodge slots and get crime work has been introduced by Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment. The agency has been working with crime firms for over 10 years on duty solicitor, higher court advocate and police station vacancies. They have set up an online Rota Slot Shop for Duty Solicitors. So many firms are now using freelancers as well as salaried staff the company has decided to dedicate a mini-site to assisting with the sale and purchase of slots as well as salaried duty solicitor roles. You can register your details for the site, or if you are already a candidate with Ten-Percent just drop an email over with your requirements. The agency will post your information onto the site (anonymously) and keep you updated with potential offers of purchase of slots, work or salaried roles in your area. To visit the Duty Solicitor Rota Slot Sh

Locum Solicitors - how to survive. 10 top tips for lawyers and law firms.

Interim Lawyers and Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment's Guide to Surviving as a Locum. 10 Top Tips for Lawyers and Law Firms.  Here are our ten top tips for surviving work as a locum - tips for locums and for law firms. 1. Locums - make sure you turn up.  Always useful. If you don't turn up, you may be surprised when your locum agency decides not to offer you any more assignments and in fact may even choose to ignore you.... 2. Locums - when you turn up, make sure you are smartly dressed.  Turning up to work wearing a pair of jeans and trainers can be beneficial if you are planning to work for Google, but in a law firms these items of clothing are only seen on partners at weekends, and even then only when they are mucking out their horses or wandering around Legoland. 3. Locums - be nice to the secretaries and support staff (TOP TIP) This is our top tip. Think about it. When you leave the firm after completing your assignment and your legal locum agency requests a re