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The Cure Parkinson's Trust - charity supported by the Ten Percent Foundation in 2016-2017

The Cure Parkinsons Trust - charity supported by the Ten Percent Foundation 2016-2017 Our criteria and policies for donating to charities can be found here – This year we have written a piece about each charity we have considered and explained why and what we are funding. We have also included any information the charity have sent us including updates from last year on our ongoing donations. We discovered the existence of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust whilst researching alternatives to Parkinsons UK. The cure or treatment of Parkinson's is of particular interest to us as we have lost a family member (and former trustee) to the disease. In 2016 we wrote an article about high salary paying charities and were surprised to discover that Parkinsons UK were on the list (we have donated to them in the past). 10 staff at the charity were earning between £60,000 and £130,000 in 2015. Total amount paid to the se

CV Blooper of the Month

CV Blooper of the Month- spotted on a legal CV sent to Ten Percent Legal Recruitment in March 2017. Jonathan Fagan is Managing Director of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment and a non-practising Solicitor. Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment provides online Legal Recruitment for Solicitors, Legal Executives, Fee Earners, Support Staff, Managers and Paralegals . Visit our Website to search our Vacancy Database.