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Poor working practices in law firms

Law Firms in the Stone Age I recently coached a solicitor who was dealing with the most unbearable conditions at work, but with a familiar story to me as I have coached may others in similar circumstances. This particular candidate works in a law firm where they have: 1) No staff perks at all. 2) No days out, meals out or any staff events. 3) No staff induction when you join the firm. 4) No words of encouragement at any time from any other member of staff during this person’s time at the firm (well over 5 years). 5) No social events at all amongst any staff whether organised by the firm or by the staff. 6) A process whereby if someone requests annual leave one of the partners grills that person to determine whether they are going for a job interview or whether they have something else planned. 7) If a complaint about someone’s behaviour is made then the person who has made the complaint is usually dismissed within 2 to 3 weeks. 8) A reasonable salary is paid in line with