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Conveyancing Staff Numbers in the UK - a recent study

A client has recently asked us for some market data in order to determine where to open a new office. We thought it may be of interest generally so have published the information below. Some years ago, we fielded a number of calls from firms around London wanting to open offices in Liverpool and Manchester. It took a while, but I eventually worked out that there was a management consultant based in the South East who had advised law firm partners that conveyancers in the North got paid less than office cleaners in the South! It is a myth of course and in fact one of the lowest salary areas in the UK for conveyancing is probably East London. So here is our market data on candidate numbers for residential conveyancing. We have 2,912 conveyancers of all shapes and sizes registered with us on our database out of a total of 11,973 candidates. 603 of these are located in London postcodes. 332 are located in Midlands postcodes. 217 are located in North East postcodes (