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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Find a Solicitor Service from Ten-Percent Legal

New "Recommending a Solicitor Service" from Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment

We have today launched a new service available across the UK to anyone who wants the services of a solicitor. Basically, a member of the general public can email us their query, together with their location, and we will recommend a firm of solicitors in the area. Time to put our expertise into practice in a different way! We know firms with good reputations, and those who need to improve, so perhaps are in a somewhat unique position to be able to recommend some as opposed to others, or to recommend our candidates or clients if work comes our way. Visit for details.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The 16 Rules of Legal Job Interviews

 The Rules of Legal Job Interviews

The main aim and focus during interview must be:


12 additional tips:
  1. Do not reveal your political leanings if at all possible during interview. Sit on the fence.
  2. Likewise for religious views.
  3. If asked questions about your negative points, turn it to your advantage and give positive responses – eg: you work too hard sometimes, you take on too much work, sometimes you are over enthusiastic, this sort of positive criticism sounds much more effective than “I can be patronising at times”, “I am sometimes defensive”. This is not assisting your case.
  4. Do not ask clever questions in response to the interviewer’s questioning of you. She is there to offer you a career break, and you must be nice to her at all costs.
  5. Ask for a glass of water at the start of the interview, and when stuck on a question, take a sip whilst you are thinking about it.
  6. Do not be afraid to sit and think about a response. Do not take too long.
  7. Practice potential questions before going into interview. Check out our website for details. 
  8. Think about problems you have overcome prior to interview. A sporty or activity problem, a legal setting problem, a team setting problem and an academic setting problem will probably give you enough to be thinking about.
  9. Shake everybody’s hand in the room, no matter how embarrassing it is for them or you. Failure to do so is considered rude.
  10. Smile or look interested at all times.
  11. Try and think about what the interviewer is looking for – a competent lawyer, someone they can work with who has similar interests, someone who is going to be an asset to the firm.
  12. Think carefully about questions at the end of the interview – social events are a good topic as it shows a balance in your life or work and play.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Interview Answer 9

Legal Interview Question 9 (with answer) - Do you prefer to work in a team or on your own?

Difficult question again - devil and the deep blue sea! You could come down with the 'I am an innovator, and prefer to develop my ideas as an individual, as well as take responsibility for my caseload'; but you will then get a question thrown back about your inability to thrive in a team environment. On the flip side of the coin if you go for the team approach, you can then get questioned about your inability to come up with your own ideas, and need to hide behind others! Probably the best approach would be to say that you have no preference - you enjoy working on your own and taking responsibility for your actions, but that you also enjoy being part of a team and contributing to that with your ideas and skills.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Interview Answer 8

Legal Interview Question 8 (with answer) - Why do you want to leave your current firm?

There is no answer to this question that will result in a positive response - there has to be a negative unfortunately!

The aim with all job interviews is to ensure that everything that is said is positive. If you say something negative, this always gives the interviewer something to come back on. Unfortunately this question does not leave much scope for avoiding this - a response like "I have come as far as I feel the firm can take me" is about as wishy washy an answer you can give and avoid the negative effects of a lot of other responses.

Saying something like "because my senior partner is the most irritating man I have ever met" will not go down well, nor will "I want to leave to avoid the harrassment of the secretaries". Very hard to avoid anything really, but think about it from the firm you are joining - the partners interviewing will immediately look into the future and imagine you going to another firm and complaining about them...!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Interview Answer 7

Legal Interview Question 7 (with answer) If you could take one celebrity to a desert island, who would it be and why?

This question is the light-hearted one that is occasionally thrown into interviews by larger firms to see what you say. It used to be said that the majority of candidates wanted to take Margaret Thatcher or Nelson Mandela with them, and the explanations used to send the partners to sleep.

Apart from suggesting you want to take Paul Daniels with you so that you could say "Now Thats Magic" and make him disappear without anyone knowing, I would advise giving a humorous answer to this question. Not over the top - eg "Kylie Minogue - so I could get to know her more intimately", but something fairly light-hearted. Whatever you do, don't start to waffle on about human rights lawyers - you really wouldnt want to take Michael Mansfield with you would you? Really?

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Monday, February 12, 2007

London Legal Recruitment - are jobs better paid?

London Legal Recruitment - are the streets paved with gold? Are legal jobs better paid?

We get a lot of solicitors registering with us for work in London, who come from provincial market towns or smaller sized cities, and one of the things they always expect to find is that the streets are paved with gold, and their salary is going to double.

This can be particularly so in the high street firms, where people expect to find NQ residential conveyancing posts paying £40,000, or crime positions without police station accreditation at £30,000 pa. It is often quite shattering when they discover that there are a lot of solicitors and legal executives working for a lot less than that!

I have been in legal recruitment in London for over 15 years, and it has to be said that on the whole salaries are not far off the rest of the UK. The only difference tends to be at partnership level or senior associate. NQ's can pick up good money, but this is usually because they are working at a good firm with quality work, and the caseload pays accordingly.

Certain areas of London pay better than others - eg; West London and Central London seem to offer reasonable salaries, whereas North and East London firms often tend to be lower unless they are struggling to recruit.

Central London firms pay extremely well if they are performing well themselves. South East London, South West London and Middlesex are generally a rule unto themselves - there are a lot of solicitors residing in these areas, but not that many posts in the South London areas. Middlesex really depends, but when it comes to salaries they can be some of the lowest in the UK.

The comments above do not apply to City and commercial law firms, who are a law unto themselves. A very large bubble interlinked with bankers, large accountancy firms and finance houses...

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Are Recruitment Consultants expensive?

09.02.07 Why do Recruitment Consultants charge so much?

We get asked this time and again by some firms - why should we pay you £x,000 to find a candidate, when all you do is send us a CV through on spec. and make a couple of telephone calls?

I think a lot of people think this, and I have to confess being one myself initially when I set up this company. I couldn't work out why anyone would want to pay a consultant to do what appears a very easy job! However, most people do not know what goes on behind the scenes....

A few facts..

I am sat at my computer at 10.30pm at night typing this, as we are so busy at the moment, I cannot find the time to write during the day.

Our advertising budget per placement is around £1,000. That is the figure we will spend on advertising to secure one candidate for whom we identify a firm, send a CV, arrange an interview, and deal with offer negotiations. At the same time, around 30 candidates will have registered, we will have arranged 6-7 interviews, and this will be the end result.

We spend over £15,000 on online advertising every year. We also spend sums on Gazette advertising as well, although we are fortunate in that we get a lot of our custom from recommendations via clients/candidates.

The cost for a firm to replace a solicitor is calculated as being around £4,000 in advertising costs, time and admin dealing with the recruitment. There is of course no guarantee that an advert will gain any applicants.

When I started out in this trade, it took me 7 months to place a candidate and actually get paid. This is not unusual. A lot of people start up recruitment consultancies, but not many continue after the first few months of not generating any income - I see them quite often in the Law Society Gazette - one big ad, no work, lots of money owed to the Gazette! It is very hard work, and I have to confess to wanting to give in myself in those months of no work, money or prospects of income.

So we don't just send through a CV. We spend considerable time, money and effort attracting candidates and clients, handling queries from both, giving free careers advice, and dealing with the admin that firms do not need to do as a result. Furthermore we undercut almost everyone else in the marketplace because of our internet operation, and are usually at least 25% cheaper as a result.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can you Become a Millionaire working as a Solicitor

Can you Become a Millionaire by working as a Solicitor?

I have recently been reading a load of books on investment, personal wealth management and similar titles, and have discovered that there are a lot of different strategies for creating your own financial stability. All the advice appears to point to either having a job or business on the side, or to conduct investment at quite a considerable rate. Most of the books refer as well to the need to be satisfied in your own job. I know a crime solicitor in Nottingham who loves his job so much he will actually take a police station or court case from you at no charge and enjoy doing it. Knowing the firm he works for, I suspect the salary he receives is pretty low as well!

This question should be changed to whether you can become a millionaire by working as a solicitor in a high street practice. 

However here are a couple of pointers from the books I have read:

1. Obtain assets - this is the only way to have a comfortable existence - whether this is a business, a house, a pension or an investment, you have to do this first.
2. Secondly, ensure that you have money to spare on purchasing assets, and always think of the worst case scenario - what would happen if the asset backfired on you?
3. Thirdly, aim to pay off your mortgage asap (buy a house first) and use any mortgage as an investment product (I personally do not agree with this approach - I would rather keep my house out of any investment decisions I make).
4. Do things you enjoy - if you are on a fixed salary, say £35k, you will need to create business opportunities outside of work, and to do this you have to look to your own interests and skills. As a side issue, Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment was started in this way - I developed an interest in the internet and recruitment having been through the process myself some years ago!
5. Don't be afraid to do something similar to others, but you have to have a handle to make your enterprise stand out.
6. Be prepared to be thrifty, not spend all your income, and work very, very hard.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Interview Answer 6

Legal Interview question 6 (with answer) What salary are you looking for?

Today we heard of a new approach to this question. A candidate went for an interview, and after the meeting I received a phone call from the private client partner to say that she had refused to discuss a package with them at the interview. The firm were most bemused by this, although they recognised that some people are not comfortable talking about income during an interview for a legal job.

I think it is a difficult question to answer. The usual response I give to anyone who asks for advice on this is to either give a range, or give your current salary, or ask them to tell you what they think the going rate is. In any event, it is important to remember that unless you are working for a firm that have set structures according to level of seniority in the firm, this is entirely negotiable within reason - it has to be acceptable to both sides. Too low and someone resents the offer if they join, too high, and the employer resents employing the solicitor!
Be prepared to negotiate, and don't be afraid to contact the recruitment consultant dealing - afterall that is what we are here for.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Job Offer negotiations

06.02.07 Sticking or Twisting on salary for Job Offers - what do you do - negotiation with some firms is like a gunfight at OK Corral!

I was reminded this week about what fun it can be with firms and candidates when it comes to job offers being made by firms. Some firms make good, competitive offers, which any sensible candidate would accept, and other firms make low, slave wage level offers, which only someone quite desperate to either work or be at that firm would accept. Sometimes, firms offer money which candidates come back on and reject, despite it being a massive increase for them (I had a newly qualified commercial property solicitor turn down an increase of £15,000 once on a £25k salary, on the basis that they thought they were worth more...!). I have also had a firm make an offer which could only be described with the word "derisory" and the candidate accepted it, despite our strong advice to avoid - that candidate is still at the firm, desperately trying to get the partners to increase the salary to something closer to the market rate. 

How do you go about negotiating? Firstly work out your bottom line, secondly factor in how much you like or dislike the firm, consider the perks and benefits - locality, annual leave etc.. and thirdly make an assessment as to whether you think the firm will go with you or against you on the request. Will it be held against you? Only once you have thought things through will you be able to decide to stick or twist!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Legal Vacancy Update Feb 2007

New posts into us (scroll down for legal job articles - we try to add one every day)

Any interest, please drop us an email to, quoting the ref. no and attaching a CV. 
3137 Corporate commercial solicitor sought with property litigation by a Harlow firm Harlow, Essex, South East Corporate Commercial, Property Litigation
3136 Private client solicitor sought to head a department - will be dealing with a range of work including trusts, tax and probate, and needs to have broad experience across the spectrum. Tamworth, Staffordshire, West Midlands Wills & Probate
3135 Costs draftsman sought by Coventry firm to assist with personal injury work. Vacancy due to expansion. Coventry, West Midlands Personal Injury Costs Draftsman
3134 Family solicitor sought by Paignton firm, with option of some mental health work as well if wanted - LSC funded matters primarily. Firm happy for a locum to join to try them out. Paignton, Devon, South West Family
3133 Tamworth firm seek a commercial property solicitor, happy to look at a mix with some residential. Tamworth, Staffordshire, West Midlands Commercial Property
3132 Conveyancing lawyer sought by Truro firm to deal with range of work - commercial property and ecclesiastical work welcomed. Benefits plus salary. Truro, Cornwall, South West Conveyancing
3131 Conveyancing solicitor sought by Wirral firm, possibly with some probate work as well. Will be supervising a branch there, with support from the central Liverpool office. Wirral, Merseyside, North West Conveyancing
3130 residential conveyancing solicitor sought by central London practice. Central London Conveyancing
3129 Residential conveyancing lawyer sought by Oxted practice with two partners, looking to expand their department Oxted, Surrey, South East Conveyancing
3128 A leading firm in the West London area with offices in Reading, Uxbridge and Slough seek a head of family law to join and develop a department. The current head is emigrating, hence the vacancy, and it has to be a panel member in order to comply with the LSC requirements. Slough, Berkshire, Middlesex, South East Family
3127 West Cumbria firm seek a crime assistant to help the senior partner, and a conveyancing solicitor or fee earner. Workington, Cumbria, North West Conveyancing, Crime
3126 Plot sales lawyer sought by central London practice. Central London Conveyancing
3125 Development company seek a conveyancing solicitor to join for 12 months and assist with over 250 flat sales. Manchester, North West Conveyancing
3124 Immigration supervisor sought for contract post in Harrow. Harrow, Middlesex, South East Immigration
3123 St Albans firm seek a crime solicitor at duty solicitor level. St Albans, Hertfordshire, South East Crime
3122 An assistant sought by leading Bishops Stortford practice to assist their commercial property department. Would be fee earning hopefully eventually - needs to have either residential or commercial experience. Also the firm are looking for a commercial property solicitor at senior level wanting to consider medium term partnership. Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, South East Commercial Property
3121 Conveyancing solicitor sought by Loughborough firm to join a medium sized practice. Loughborough, Leicestershire, East Midlands Conveyancing
3120 Wills & probate solicitor sought for sussex firm, together with a commercial property solicitor, a residential conveyancing solicitor and a company commercial solicitor, all at a good level of experience. Sussex, South Coast Wills & Probate, Commercial Property, Conveyancing, Company Commercial
3119 Commercial propery solicitor sought to join team to deal with development, lease extensions and buy to let. Sussex, South Coast Commercial Property
3118 MHRT solicitor sought by Penzance firm to assist partner. Penzance, Cornwall, South West Mental Health
3117 Conveyancing solicitor sought by entrepenneurial estate agency in the Teesside area to handle all their conveyancing for them. Various discussions required, but good opportunity to progress career and income! Teesside, North East Conveyancing
3116 Conveyancing solicitors and executives sought by Southall firm. Southall, Middlesex, South East Conveyancing
3115 Private client lawyer sought by Kendal firm to deal with wills, probate, tax and trusts work. Kendal, Cumbria, North West Wills & probate
3114 PI fee earner sought at paralegal level for Harlow firm. EL, PL, OL and RTAs. Harlow, Essex, South East Personal Injury
3113 Housing and community care solicitor sought by central London firm - LSC funded work Central London Housing
3112 Paralegal sought by insurance company to deal with specialist RTA arising from pets. Harrogate, North Yorkshire Personal Injury
3111 Private client and conveyancing solicitors or executives sought by central Bradford practice. Bradford, West Yorkshire Conveyancing, Wills & Probate
3110 Balham firm seek a crime supervisor to join and run their department South London Crime
3109 Crime solicitor or accredited police station rep sought by Southampton firm. Southampton, Hampshire, South Coast Crime
3108 Conveyancing solicitor or executive sought by central Leicester firm in nice location. Leicester, Leicestershire, East Midlands Conveyancing
3107 Employment solicitor sought by Bristol practice of medium size to deal with a range of contentious and non-contentious work acting for both applicants and respondents. The same firm seek a Company Commercial, Litigation or Employment Lawyer to develop their central London office further. London, Bristol, South West Employment, Company Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Commercial Litigation
3106 Solicitor sought to join an in house firm looking to take advantage of the deregulation and offer law, accounts and financial advice all under the same roof. Would be working as an assistant to the directors, dealing with company commercial and company administration matters. Hull, East Yorkshire Company Commercial
3105 MHRT panel member sought by Lincoln firm of medium size to expand and develop their caseload. Lincoln, East Midlands Mental Health
3104 MHRT panel member sought to develop a small department of a firm in Gravesend. Gravesend, Kent, South East Mental Health
3103 Mental health solicitor sought to join a medium sized practice in Paignton and assist a partner with an MHRT caseload. Paignton, Devon, South Coast Mental Health
3102 MHRT panel member sought to continue a small department of a firm in Newcastle. Newcastle, Tyneside, North East Mental Health
3101 MHRT panel member sought by Colchester firm with fairly large department (mental health-wise), to join the team. Colchester, Essex, South East Mental Health
3100 Police station rep (accredited) sought by Cornwall firm with offices in St Austell. May also consider a solicitor. St Austell, Cornwall, South West Crime, Police Station
3099 Private client department head sought by medium sized Crawley and Ewell firm. Crawley, Sussex, South East, South Coast Wills & Probate
3098 Privately funded family solicitor sought by a leading Crawley practice. Crawley, Sussex, South East, South Coast Family
3097 Civil litigation solicitor sought to work in Southampton and Christchurch with smaller sized practice. Christchurch, Dorset, Southampton, Hampshire, South Coast Civil Litigation
3096 Employment solicitor sought by Fareham firm of medium size. Fareham, Hampshire, South Coast Employment
3095 Legal 500 firm based in Crawley and Horsham seek a corporate solicitor at assistant level (guide would be NQ-2 years), and associate level, a commercial property solicitor - around the supervisory level mark but less or more considered, Commercial Litigation solicitors with experience, employment solicitor at senior level, residential conveyancing solicitor to assist partners dealing with wide range of work, and a solicitor looking to manage a conveyancing department at the Horsham office. Sussex, South East, South Coast Corporate, Commercial Property, Commercial Litigation, Employment, Residential Conveyancing
3094 Private client solicitor or executive sought by Bucks firm to set up and develop a wills & probate department. Buckinghamshire, South East Wills & Probate
3093 Insolvency practitioner (licensed) sought by Manchester firm of financial advisers. Manchester, North West Insolvency
3092 Mental health review tribunal panel member sought by leading Nottingham firm of larger size with good national reputation. Nottingham, East Midlands Mental Health
3091 Commercial property, company commercial, IP and any other solicitors with attitude and personality who think they would fit into a firm with this sort of work in similar fields, sought by a central London firm who have expanded into neighbouring offices. Central London Commercial Property, Company Commercial, Intellectual Property
3090 Duty solicitors sought by larger sized West London firm to join an expanding team. West London Crime
3089 Conveyancing solicitor or ILEX sought by Bude firm with supervisory status, dealing with a mix of work that apparently has plenty of variety. Mainly residential, but also some commercial. Computer literacy important for the firm. Also looking for a family solicitor, again with supervisory status, to deal with a mix of both public and privately funded work including a good proportion of children cases. Bude, Cornwall, South West Conveyancing, Family
3088 West Yorkshire firm in Batley seek a conveyancing lawyer, a wills & probate lawyer and a family lawyer to join an expanding team. Medium sized firm. Batley, West Yorkshire Conveyancing, Wills & Probate, Family
3087 Gravesend firm seek a conveyancing solicitor and paralegal assistant and a wills & probate solicitor plus an assistant. Gravesend, Kent, South East Conveyancing, Wills & Probate
3086 Larger sized Lincoln practice seek a residential conveyancing solicitor to join their department. Lincoln, Lincolnshire, East Midlands Conveyancing
3085 Conveyancing lawyer sought by Dudley firm. Dudley, West Midlands Conveyancing
3084 Solicitor sought by larger sized practice in Brentwood to join the conveyancing department. Brentwood, Essex, South East Conveyancing
3083 Crime locum to permanent post in Southend. Need to be at least supervisory level, dealing with defence and prosecution work. Southend, Essex, South East Crime
3082 Three commercial/commercial property lawyers sought for an immediate start by an East London firm with a commercial focus. The areas the candidates need to cover are as follows: 1 L&T work. 2 Commercial property generally - sales and purchases of  investmentand development work. 3 Assets purchase - hotel, nursing homes, dental praice. They will also look at taking on at salaried partnership level. East London Commercial Property, Company Commercial, Landlord & Tenant
3081 Birmingham firm seek a wills & probate solicitor to join their team. Birmingham, West Midlands Wills & Probate
3080 Panel member and supervisor for LSC sought by Pinner firm of smaller size. Firm concentrate on family law work, and deal with LSC and privately funded matters. Pinner, Middlesex, South East Family
3079 Wiltshire firm seek a wills & probate lawyer to join their firm. Wiltshire, South West Wills & Probate
3078 South East London firm seek a crime solicitor, with police station accreditation, but from NQ level upwards, to join their firm. South London Crime
3077 Small practice near Chichester seek a locum to permanent solicitor at senior level. Chichester, Sussex, South Coast Conveyancing, Commercial property
3076 Wirral firm of medium size seek a conveyancing solicitor able to deal with a bit of commercial property work. Wirral, Cheshire, Merseyside, North West Conveyancing, Commercial Property
3075 two solicitors sought by Smethwick firm - firstly a conveyancing solicitor at supervisory level and upwards, and secondly a civil litigation and or employment solicitor looking to develop their own caseload and receive a buffer zone to enable them to do this. Smethwick, West Midlands Conveyancing, Civil Litigation, Employment
3074 Conveyancing solicitor sought by central Birmingham practice with a mix of corporate and private clients - smaller sized practice. Birmingham, West Midlands Conveyancing
3073 Central Manchester firm seek a conveyancing solicitor or commercial conveyancing solicitor or company commercial solicitor who has at least one of the other fields of expertise. Manchester, North West Conveyancing, Commercial property, Company Commercial
3072 Family solicitor sought by smaller sized firm in Cheltenham. LSC and privately funded work. Same firm also looking for a legal cashier. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, South West Family
3071 Clinical negligence solicitor, ideally a panel member but will consider all levels, either the Law Society or the AVMA panels preferred - sought by Newcastle firm of medium size and Legal 500 and Chambers status. Newcastle, Tyneside, North East Clinical negligence
3070 Crime solicitor sought for Reading office of larger Legal 500 practice - will consider non duty solicitors as well although would prefer police station accreditation. Reading, Berkshire, South East Crime
3069 Local authority in greater London seeks a planning solicitor, as well as additional planning enforcement lawyers and a prosecution lawyer. Middlesex, South East, London Planning, Planning Enforcement, Prosecution
3068 Oldbury firm seek a wills & probate solicitor able to supervise, a civil litigation solicitor not far off this, and a company commercial solicitor the same. Oldbury, West Midlands Wills & Probate, Civil Litigation, Company Commercial
3067 Wolverhampton firm seek a conveyancing solicitor to join them. Medium sized practice. Wolverhampton, West Midlands Conveyancing
3066 Conveyancing solicitor sought by West Bromwich practice of medium size. West Bromwich, West Midlands Conveyancing
3065 Head of conveyancing sought by Thrapston firm with progressive outlook. Would be managing a team of 15 fee earners. Thrapston, Northamptonshire, East Midlands Conveyancing
3064 Larger sized practice in Sussex seek a wills & probate solicitor for Eastbourne and Bexhill offices, partnership prospects, a PI solicitor or ILEX to join their teams in Bexhill and Tunbridge Wells, a family ILEX to deal with a range of privately funded work, a residential conveyancing solicitor supervisor (or ILEX) to supervise a team of non-qualified fee earners and non-qualified fee earners. Bexhill, Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Sussex, Kent, South East, South Coast Wills & Probate, Personal Injury, Family, Conveyancing,
3063 Conveyancing solicitor or executive sought by Huddersfield firm of larger size. Residential work. Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Conveyancing
3062 Crime solicitor sought by smaller practice in Bradford. Bradford, West Yorkshire Crime
3061 Residential conveyancing lawyer sought to manage a large caseload at branch office- Bournemouth, Dorset, South Coast Conveyancing
3060 Conveyancing solicitor sought by small-medium practice to help develop their residential conveyancing department, offering an opportunity to do other types of conveyancing as well. Royston, near Cambridge. Royston, Hertfordshire, South East Conveyancing
3059 Wills & Probate solicitor sought by medium sized Dewsbury firm. Dewsbury, West Yorkshire Wills & Probate
3058 Wills & Probate lawyer sought by medium sized practice in central Leeds preferably with own leads. Leeds, West Yorkshire Wills & Probate
3057 Police station rep (accredited) required by central Leeds practice with good reputation. Wanting someone to cover both office and out of hours. Leeds, West Yorkshire Police Station, Crime
3056 Duty solicitor sought by larger sized Buckinghamshire practice with offices across the region. Duty solicitor qualified ideally. Buckinghamshire, South East Crime
3055 Two solicitors with supervisory status for conveyancing sought by larger sized multi office Birmingham practice, as well as a family solicitor at supervisory level. Birmingham, West Midlands Conveyancing, Family
If any of the above posts look to be of interest, please email us as with the reference number(s).