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The December 2006 UK Legal Recruitment Market Report

Report dated November 29th 2006, covering the present condition of the legal recruitment job market in the UK. next report due - January 31st 2006 Prepared by Jonathan Fagan, Managing Director of limited; specialist legal recruitment consultants for solicitors and legal executives seeking legal jobs and law firms seeking staff in the UK. This report is based on our recruitment activities in the legal job market for the past month, and is updated on a regular basis. It is divided into commercial and high street areas. . November - end of recruitment season. Xmas Shopping and the New Year await! Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment is made up of a number of different websites and you can register to improve your prospects via any of our sites. Our sites simply offer law jobs, and we are totally committed to legal recruitment - we operate , our main site, (property, wills,