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More Family LSC Supervisor Info (yawn)

We have yet another LSC family supervisor deadline almost upon us - the 20th December - although quite why this has happened when so many firms were working to the 5th December is beyond me. The LSC are a law unto themselves when it comes to deadlines I think! If law firms miss deadlines that is one thing, whereas if the LSC miss a deadline they simply extend it by a few weeks. Anyway, anyone registered with us for family law work will be pleased to see the back of these latest deadlines because we have been bombarding them with emails about firms looking for full time salaried supervisors and consultant supervisors working through a monthly retainer system. I have heard that you can work for more than one firm, provided you are not supervising more than 4 caseworkers. This means that technically you can work for 4 firms all with one caseworker each? Who knows. There doesnt seem to be any guidance on this anywhere and I understand that if you call the LSC the accounts managers dont see