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Recruitment Director slams 'irresponsible' Law Society Gazette

Jonathan Fagan, managing director of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment, slammed the Law Society Gazette this week for its continued unsubstantiated reporting of opinions of academics and commentators predicting the end of the high street end of the legal profession. Mr Fagan said, after reading an article in the Law Society Gazette on the 20th March 2008 about Professor Stephen Mayson, an academic speaking at a conference in London, who effectively predicted the shedding of half of all qualified solicitors and hence the collapse of many 100s of law firms in the next 4 years: "I find it incomprehensible that the Law Society Gazette would continue to report on an ongoing basis that the legal profession is on the verge of collapse according to yet another academic or commentator, without any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, and yet again according to another professional view. I do not know of any other trade journals that have such a negative view of their own profession, and I am conv

Temporary Workers - are they exploited?

Recently there has been a bit of a campaign by the unions to demonise temporary workers and agencies and the conditions they make the workers work in. The REC work very hard to counter this, and only yesterday Tom Hadley, the REC’s Director of External Relations, explained: “There has never been a more important time to celebrate the role of temporary, contract and interim staff. The ongoing trade unions’ campaigns for more regulations on the industry have inevitably included an extremely negative portrayal of agency workers in general. “One of the ways of challenging this is to highlight both the contribution these flexible workers make to the UK economy and the benefits it brings to them by enabling them to take on temporary assignments which fit in with their busy or diverse lifestyles.” I have been at a meeting today where Gareth Osbourne put this into quite succinct terms, probably more useable now he is not the Chief Executive of the REC - "utter bollocks" was his ass

How to survive the recession in the legal profession

18.03.08 Surviving a Recession in the Legal Profession Surviving a recession is a little like writing a blog - you have to constantly look at your save button to ensure you dont lose any work as I have just lost this article and am now retyping it! Top tips are: 1. Make sure you are invaluable to your firm. Even if you are last in, first out, there is no reason why you cannot contribute to the fee generation capabilities of your firm or department and make the partners think twice before making you redundant. 2. Think up new sources of work - consider every threat an opportunity - a recession is coming perhaps and some areas are going to be hit more than others. I have come across a firm today looking to change their focus from property work to contentious probate, as they have seen the possible slow down in property to be affecting their fee income rather dramatically. No-one is immune from changes in business - it can happen anywhere and to anyone. Even in established markets things

March 2008 Newsletter for Employers

March 2008 Newsletter Newsletter for Legal Employers from Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment 1. Search Engine Optimization - whats it all about? 2. Making sure your web presence draws in business 3. Chancery Lane Legal Recruitment 4. The Worst Interview Answer... 5. Recession - what recession? Welcome to the March Newsletter from Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment. We have included a mix of articles that perhaps diversify away from our main business area (legal jobs), but also give your company the opportunity to get a link free of charge from a well ranked links page on our main site - 1. Search Engine Optimization - what's it all about You will see lots of references to SEO services, particularly in service station toilets on the M6 at present, and larger companies are starting to sell pay per click services and page ranking tools. This is basically the art of promoting your site to the masses of potential customers out there on the internet. There are lots of c

March 2008 Newsletter for Candidates

March 2008 Newsletter Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Newsletter for Candidates - March 08 from Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment 1. Chancery Lane Legal Recruitment 2. The Worst Interview Question 2008 Competition.. 3. Recession - what recession? 4. 'Future plans' question/answer 5. Negotiating pay rises in the new tax year following today's Budget 6. Making a name for yourself as a lawyer Welcome to the March Newsletter from Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment. 1. Chancery Lane Legal Recruitment is a new legal job board with over 1,500 vacancies already live on it. The site will expand rapidly, so be sure to keep an eye on it.. You can also visit our site at to get our updated posts. Our vacancy database is improved since a recent software change, and you can now search very specific areas. 2. Worst Interview Question competition 2008 The winner of the worst interview question was the poor Mrs T from Slough, who endur