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Legal Recruitment Blog in the Top HR and Recruitment Blog List for 2017

We have received notification that Jonathan Fagan's "Legal Recruitment" Blog is in the top HR and Recruitment Bloggers 2017 List. Always nice to find out someone has read some of our ramblings (they have been likened to those of a madman in the past!). You can view our blog on the site, together with lots of other interesting blogger websites at:   Agency Central have very kindly reviewed the site as well with the following entry:  Jonathan Fagan  - Legal Recruitment Who is the author? Jonathan is the MD of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment - a UK-based consultancy serving solicitors and recruiting for permanent and temporary roles within the legal sector. The company famously donates 10% of its profits to charity. Jonathan has also taught legal CV writing and interview practices to postgraduate law students at Huddersfield University.

Ten Percent Foundation Donation 2017 - Focus on the Kilimatinde Trust, Tanzania

The Kilimatinde Trust - charity supported by the Ten Percent Foundation 2016-2020 We thought it might be of interest to outline where the Ten Percent Foundation spends some of its money. The first charity is the Kilimatinde Trust. This is a UK charity linked to a specific area of Tanzania. One of our trustees knows one of the teachers at the school we support; St John’s Seminary in Tanzania. The new primary school at St Johns Seminary, Tanzania The school is based in the Singida region of Tanzania, which is located in a semi-arid zone in central Tanzania with an altitude ranging from 900m-1,500m above sea level. The whole region has 346 villages, an area of 49,341 square km and a population of around 955,000. The majority of people in the area work in agriculture and livestock rearing as their main economic activity and means of livelihood. Bullrush Millet and sorghum are the main staple crops, though maize is grown in many areas despite low yields, d