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What is the Cheapest Way to Expand a Law Firm?

We have been asked a question today by a 2 partner practice in Central London - what, in our opinion is the cheapest and most effective way to expand a law firm? The firm started by asking us how they get to take on a solicitor who would be prepared to join a firm and work on a profit share basis. Could they recruit a former sole practitioner who maybe had had enough, and does that type of candidate exist? They have the space, they have the capacity to recruit more staff and would like to expand the firm. We advised them that yes, these types of candidate exist. A law firm cannot expect to immediately fill this type of vacancy - in fact we do not work them unless firms join us as members (details on our website at ). Law firms can see that solicitors are prepared to work on a commission only basis, a fee split or a profit share - you can see large full page ads in the back of the Law Society Gazette to get an idea of this. Similarly a

Report on Jobs for January 2013 - REC and KPMG

The KPMG and REC Report on Jobs is just out - this measures the recruitment market on a monthly basis by requesting data from recruitment agencies, including ourselves ( Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment ). Main points are: Permanent placements and temporary billings rise at slower rates Job vacancies increase at fastest pace for 20 months Availability of permanent staff declines Temp availability unchanged Pay growth quickens but remains subdued overall The Report on Jobs is a monthly publication produced by Markit and sponsored by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG LLP. The main findings for December are: Slower rises in permanent and temporary appointments... Although there were further increases in permanent and temporary staff appointments during December, in both cases the rates of growth eased since November. ...despite vacancies increasing at faster pace Demand for staff continued to rise in December. The rate of expansion of overall job vaca

Interview Question & Answer – Are you able to supply any references and if yes, who? What do you think they would say about you?

Interview Question & Answer – Are you able to supply any references and if yes, who? What do you think they would say about you? Firstly the answer to this question always has to be yes, secondly you need to make sure the references on your CV are legally related if at all possible and thirdly you need to explain that they would have nothing but positive things to say about you. There is really no other answer to this question unless you have very specific circumstances that necessitate further explanation. If you have been in employment recently where you will not be able to get a reference because of an acrimonious departure (whether this is any fault of your own or not) you need to be careful in the way you approach this in interview. Very often people get worried about the issue of references and employers get away with murder as a result because employees are frightened that they may not be able to work again due to the lack of a reference. There are always

January 2013 New Year Predictions from a Psychic

New Year Predictions Last year we carried an article in our January Newsletter about predictions from 2011 by the experts (and ourselves) on the state of the legal profession, the economy and general life. This year, for something different, we have included a list of predictions from a self-professed online pyschic, Craig Hamilton-Parker (taken from 1. War in the Middle East - February. Israel will attack Iran. 2. Terrorist attack on Chicago in the summer. 3. Syrian uprising to continue. Iran to invade. 4. Poor grain harvest to occur in Russia. 5. Robert Mugabe will be assassinated in the Autumn. 6. Revolution in China - June 2013. China to split up. 7. Google will be attacked by terrorists. 8. Search engine to be released in Europe - funded by the EU.  9. Spain's economy to fall apart. 10. Ed Milliband to be replaced by Yvette Cooper. 11. NIck Clegg to fight off a challenge from Vince Cable. 12. Victoria Beckham to launch a range of maternity