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Further Information on some of our 2015 Donations

Further Information on the 2015 10% Donations We now have further information from some of the charities we have donated to this year. * Unicef - £100. Hopefully not used to help pay the salary of their rather expensive Chief Executive! * Chester Zoo - £60. Supporting their work with Red Pandas. * LawCare - £1,000. Money to be used in support of their provision of support for bullying in the workplace and disciplinary issues. * Y Care International - £300. The money has been used to support vulnerable young people in Guatemala. * British Stammering Association - £500. Money used to develop their provision to young people who stammer. * Standalone - £200. Money used to create a support group in the Newcastle area. The charity support estranged family members. * Hughes Syndrome Foundation - £100. The money was used to help in creating a GP learning module. * Time Out Group - £200. (suggested by Chafes). Money used to help fund a holiday for adults with learning disabilit