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Solicitors can work without professional indemnity insurance and freelance solicitors can work in unregulated practices – what’s new?

Are Dodgy Geezers the Future for the Legal Profession? Apologies to the model above who presumably is not dodgy at all! The SRA have today announced that freelance solicitors can work directly with the public provided they have the appropriate indemnity insurance, and solicitors can work in unregulated companies. It seems that the work solicitors do in unregulated companies has to be non-regulated work, i.e. work the solicitor does not specifically need to do. It is not clear exactly what freelance solicitors working directly with the public are allowed to do and not do, but it seems that they are allowed to do regulated activity as well as unregulated activity, provided they have the appropriate indemnity insurance in place. It is not yet clear exactly what level of protection the public will have from either group of solicitors, whether it’s those working in unregulated companies or freelance solicitors working directly on behalf of the public, but the SRA seem to have man

How To Avoid Paying Recruitment Agency Fees - Guide to Worst Practice

TP Legal Recruitment and Interim Lawyers have been operating in the UK and overseas for almost 20 years, and here is our list of top methods for avoiding paying recruitment agency fees, as personally experienced: Tell the recruitment agency to sue you and don't pay. Fairly simple to do, simply use the recruitment agency to recruit a candidate, go through the motions of the recruitment, thank the recruitment agency for their sterling service and then inform them that you have no plans to pay them and tell them to sue you. In our experience of the recruitment industry we think about 50% of recruitment consultants at this point will simply write off your debt. The other 50% will take great pleasure in suing you for the fee due plus commercial costs and interest. Why do 50% of agencies not bother suing? Simple economics really; if you have been through the county court system in the UK you will probably know that it is fairly complex and cumbersome to an extreme. As most lay peo