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Investors in People – what’s it all about?

Ten Percent Legal Recruitment has been recommended for Investors in People status (still waiting for accreditation to be confirmed), and it has been interesting to see what the whole assessment entails. We have always been very open with everyone who has worked within the company and also anyone who has asked us questions about the company as well and we hope that this is a good place to work. Obviously being in a sales and performance driven industry means that it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the approach we have seems to be very open with very little discipline or rigidity in the way that we work. As a result of this, most of our consultants work on flexible hours and this means that we are able to recruit a good standard of consultant to work for us as they do not find many opportunities elsewhere. The IIP basically is a way of recognising the way that an organisation works and giving it value so that external organisations can see that the level has been attained internally. W

Bradford and Bingley gets nationalised – effect on housing market

What fault can be placed at the door of the banks and building societies who are facing serious collapse at present? Bradford & Bingley Building Society were nationalised because of the amount of potentially dodgy mortgage debt they have and concerns about their ability to keep trading when the capital that was supporting them has gone. There has been a lot of blame on the banks and the building societies for this situation, but one of the things that has not come up in this is the buy to let applicants themselves. Five years ago, I was talking to someone who had entered the buy to let market who had purchased their first flat with a genuine set of details, before moving on and purchasing countless other properties and flats using what can only be described as fraudulent documents and making statements that were clearly not true and hence, obtained in a pecuniary advantage by deception. The key to all of this was mainly that they would make the application for the first property an

Why should I go on a Ten Percent Legal Careers Workshop?

Ten Percent Legal Recruitment is running Legal Careers Workshops in London on Tuesday 16th December for law students and graduates, or anyone wanting to get into the legal profession. The day starts at 10am, finishes at 5pm and is probably the most intensive course you can think of to fit everything relating to starting your legal career into one day and to keep the cost affordable to law students and graduates. In a nutshell it is seven hours of information and practice to ensure that you get the best shot at starting your legal career. Timetable: 9.45 am Registration and refreshments 10 am Assessment Day Workshop 11.15 am Break for refreshments 11.30 am Interview Workshop 1 pm Lunch (provided) 1.45 pm CV Workshop 3 pm Break for refreshments 3.15 pm Covering letter workshop 3.45 pm Application form workshop 4.30 pm General career and individual questions The course covers just abou

BNI Breakfast Meetings – what are they all about?

This morning I have been to a visitors’ breakfast of a BNI breakfast meeting. I have never been to one of these before and I should start this article by saying that I am not a member and have no links to the BNI. I had looked on the website before I went, as well, as read the email from the inviter that warned me that I would be doing a 45 second speech about my company. I went to a local golf club for the meeting and there were about 15 people there. I paid £7.50 for a breakfast and the meeting consisted of an introduction from the regional director that lasted about 15 minutes, followed by each person there speaking for one minute about the organisation they were involved with and then a talk by the assistant director on the benefits of being in the Business Network International. The cost of joining the BNI is £400 for the year with £100 membership fee. As the regional director pointed out, it actually costs quite a bit more than this because you have to pay for your breakfasts and

Credit Crunch Affecting Nine Out of Ten Employers

It has been reported in a survey that 90 percent of employers have said that the credit crunch is affecting their business. The survey by Peninsular Law has found that 74 percent of employers have implemented a recruitment freeze and 64 percent have not ruled out making some of their staff redundant. Whilst there are no indications of the number of employers surveyed for this report, it is certainly fairly gloomy. The idea of a recruitment freeze is a fairly quick fix option as usually staff wages are the highest cost to a business. The problem is though that as soon as staff are made redundant, the whole business is threatened, firstly because buyers are aware of the redundancies when they phone up to speak to staff and secondly, when work does come in, the staff that are left find that they have to cope with increased volumes and it has an effect on their productivity as well. Some of this is certainly a panic on the part of just about everybody with the threat of the words credit cr

Legal job update November 2008

"An incompetent lawyer can delay a trial for months or years. A competent lawyer can delay one even longer." Evelle Younger. "Welcome to the November Newsletter for Law Firms and Companies. I hope you find it of interest - we have released our latest legal job market report, and you can find details below." Jonathan Fagan LLM Solicitor (non-practising), MREC, CertRP, Managing Director, Limited. Legal Job Market Report - Nov 3rd 08 - 66% fall in new Jobs Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment, online recruitment specialists and part of the Ten-Percent Recruitment Group, reported today that legal jobs for solicitors and qualified lawyers registered with them were down by 66% compared with the same time last year. Jonathan Fagan, MD, said "during October 2007, 57 legal jobs (all at solicitor or higher) were posted with our agency by law firms and in house legal departments. In October 2008 this had reduced by 66% to 19 jobs. We have also recorded a reduct