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Family LSC Contracts Awarded - Family Vacancies increase

We have started to see an influx of family and child care posts coming through from firms who have been awarded an LSC contract in the recent rounds of applications and who now need to find themselves a panel member. So far, most of these are coming from smaller sized practices around London, usually up to about 5 partners, and based outside the centre - East, South East, North and West London. This is going to move into other areas I suspect as we get closer to the deadline in two weeks for the firms to indicate who their supervisor is. If you are considering signing up for a firm as a supervisor, whether on a contractual or salaried basis, please let us know and we can keep you informed with vacancies. I understand that you do not need to live near the firm, and someone working as a locum in another area of the country could sign up to a firm as their supervisor (subject to usual LSC requirements). So far we have: Berkshire South East London East London (x2) North London West London

Alternative Business Structures - no sign of any ABS Legal Recruitment yet

Further to the massive change that has apparently happened in the legal sector, I can say that so far we have received no indication of any vacancies being posted by new ABS law firms. We have had a request from one of the new brands to advertise on our websites (slightly surprising being that we have criticised the whole franchise concept!) but no sign as yet of any new entrants to the legal profession looking to recruit large amounts of solicitors to sweep up the business. With the amount of legislation and regulation that affects the legal profession, any cutthroat operators looking to make a quick buck by recruiting armies of paralegals to undertake work are going to have to take a considerable amount of time to plan their operation in order to make any money at all. Furthermore, with the possibility that referral fees are going to get banned very shortly, (for somewhat spurious reasons that are still not entirely clear) I would imagine a good number of companies are watching the s