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Charity Donation Requests 2022

Charity Donations 2022 - £37,000 Fund - Suggestions Welcome

Our charity bank account currently has over £37,000 in it, which means that it is the time of year again when the trustees of the Ten Percent Foundation meet to discuss our donation of 10% of the annual profits of the Ten Percent Group of websites, which include Ten Percent Legal Recruitment, Ten Percent Financial, Jonathan Fagan Law Firm Sales, Interim Lawyers, TP Transcription and Chancery Lane Legal Jobs Board.

There are three trustees involved, all with different interests. To give you an idea as to how broad these are (!) - our MD (me) has an interest in purchasing land to re-wild, funding sport for all and legal charities. Our other two trustees are interested in supporting domestic violence projects, poverty charities and charities supporting children with disabilities. We regularly fund specific small scale projects in smaller sized organisations - our most recent one was to purchase warfarin machines for distribution via a nurse at Alder Hey Childrens Hospital for families needing them in December 2021. Total cost was c£5,000. Prior to this other examples have included funding a domestic violence project for 5 years in Liverpool, funded a support line for parents of children with speech impediments, paid for 4 children to attend a school in Tanzania.

Philanthropy is an integral part of our business and we have been donating 10% of our profits to charity for over 20 years.

We avoid charities with top heavy staffing & admin costs and welcome any suggestions from clients, candidates and general readers of our newsletters. We particularly like small charities with limited funds and in particular charities linked to the legal profession in some way (we support Reprieve for example). We support charities that work in the UK and Africa. Examples of donations made over the past 20 years can be found on our website at To suggest a charity please email Jonathan Fagan at We consider all requests very carefully.

Jonathan Fagan is Managing Director of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment and a non-practising Solicitor. Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment provides online Legal Recruitment for Solicitors, Legal Executives, Licensed Conveyancers, Legal Cashiers, Fee Earners, Support Staff, Managers and Paralegals. Visit our Website to search our Vacancy Database.


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