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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Transferring a Training Contract

I was wondering if maybe you could help me! I am currently a trainee solicitor and looking to transfer my training contract....
Could you recommend any routes? I am applying via the conventional route.

Very difficult! There is no route as such - the way most people transfer is simply to identify potential firms who may be interested and write to them. Alternatively apply for an advertised training contract in a smaller sized practice and indicate that it will take you x amount of time shorter than any other trainees because of your existing experience.

Make sure that your existing firm does not find out. This is very important. After all you will want something to fall back on if everything else fails.... If you are experiencing problems at work speak to the Trainee Solicitors Group - most solicitors have been where you are now and experienced every type of behaviour in the book - bullying, alcoholic partners, mentally unstable employers etc...

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Display Name said...

Good tips on trying to transfer, but in reality the candidate is in a difficult spot. A contract is hard enough to secure at the moment without coming with some additional baggage.

For example, a potential employer is likely to:
- weigh up the risk of them having "bad" training from another firm;
- questioning whether the problem is actually with the candidate rather than the existing employer? "Will they complain about our treatment of them?"
- "Will they stay and complete their TC with us or do they have commitment issues?"

We don't know why the trainee wishes to move, nor have we their CV. A potential employer will have the opportunity to raise all of these queries, and see the CV, so it's not all negative, but they have an uphill struggle. At least though that will prepare them for every future application once Qualified!

Good luck to them anyway.

P.S. I thought I recognised a local firm in your description in the last paragraph. One in every town...!