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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Investment in Northern Ireland – New legal opportunities?

For some years Ten Percent Legal Recruitment has dabbled with Northern Ireland and firms in the province, and occasionally picked up a vacancy there. In recent times, it has become apparent that with the peace that now reigns there, there are a lot of opportunities for the legal markets to expand quite dramatically.

I recently read a report that there has been significant external investments into the region by government and private investment companies, and I have heard it said from local businessmen that there is a considerable amount of development work going on to raise the standard of living and the infrastructure of business to new levels.

This has to mean that there are a lot of opportunities starting to open up for law firms in the region, and hence new opportunities for solicitors in terms of recruitment. Ten Percent Legal Recruitment had links with Belfast firms for some years, as well as others in the more rural areas. I hope that with the new development, more firms will start to use services to find staff, that they will need the services of legal recruitment consultants.

Jonathan Fagan is Managing Director of

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