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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Career Coaching for Lawyers, Law Students and Graduates.

Ten Percent Legal Recruitment has been coaching solicitors, barristers, legal executives, overseas lawyers, law students and graduates with career changes, interview practice, careers advice, career plans and strategies since 2000. Over that time, we have seen a number of the people we have assisted find training contracts and qualify as solicitors and also obtain pupillage and become barristers. The service is suitable for anyone who is either contemplating a legal career, currently working in the legal profession at all levels or studying to become a lawyer in the future. The vast majority of people have a specific issue that they want addressing and subsequently have a whole raft of matters to consider that follow on from that.

A quick example would be the graduate who had attended five or six training contract interviews but had not got any offers. The issue was for the consultant to determine why those interviews were not resulting in offers. It became quite apparent after about 20 seconds of the interview why the client was struggling so much. He was actually staring at the floor or over the shoulder of the interviewer when he was being asked questions and came across as completely out of his depth during the interview. This meant that he was being rejected despite having very good academics and work experience, and on paper looking as if he would make a very good lawyer.

Another example would be a senior solicitor who had become stuck in a rut - he wanted to ensure that he did not spend the whole of his career doing something he no longer enjoyed. We explored a whole range of issues, culminating in determining that it may well have been the current firm and situation he did not enjoy rather than the field of law, and we subseqently provided ongoing support to him in relation to this.

It is often very easy to get advice from friends and colleagues, but unfortunately most advice given on a careers basis is not impartial which means that there is almost always some element of opinion that goes into the advice.

Our career coach is a qualified solicitor and also a qualified recruitment consultant. He regularly undertakes business consultancy work as well as recruitment consulting for law firms up and down the UK. He also prepares CVs for students, graduates, qualified solicitors and partners as well as barristers, BVC students and legal executives. We have a unique position in the industry as not only are we recruitment consultants but also business and management consultants and careers advisers. This means that anyone coming to see us gets the benefit of all three strands of our business thrown into one.

We hold our career coaching sessions in London, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Carlisle and Chester and they are always on a one to one basis.

Dates are usually available throughout the year with a few weeks notice, although we can offer emergency sessions as required.

If you would like to use the service, please visit our website and follow the links to the Careers Centre where you can obtain full information about the service on offer and book online as well. We look forward to seeing you and discussing your needs. or email

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