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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sole Supplier Agreements - Recruitment Agencies

05.09.07 What is a sole supplier arrangement for a recruitment agency?

A sole supplier arrangement is one where a recruitment agency handles all the aspects of recruitment for a specific vacancy or length of time. Firms can benefit from being able to hand over the entire recruitment process from start to finish, with the exception of the interview itself. We offer this service, and usually also offer discounted advertising in the Law Society Gazette as well. Where you see this in adverts (usually a sole supplier will put "please note that this ad is being handled on an exclusive basis by Blogs and Blogs and all third party applications will be forwarded through to them") it means that a recruitment agent is handling the post as a supplier.

I once handled a Bermudan job on a sole supplier arrangement, and fielded in the region of 200 telephone calls in a week. I had over 40 applications to put forward from about 75 CVs received. Lots of applicants - can't think why! The workload can be tremendous, depending on what type of vacancy you are advertising, and having a consultant deal with it can also result in extra applications, as approaches can be made anonymously.

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