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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Charitable Donations - criteria

20.09.07 Ten-Percent Foundation Criteria for selecting Charities for donations
Since April 2000, Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment have been donating 10% of annual net profits to charitable causes. This started with the princely sum of £500, to the last tax year of 2006-2007 resulting in about £8,750. To date we have donated £30,000, but what on earth led us to donate money, and where do we donate to?
All the money we donate goes to the Ten-Percent Foundation, a charitable trust, that took copious amounts of effort to set up by me, a solicitor not used to dealing with administration of this kind! The charitable trust has a number of aims that hopefully encompass supporting third world projects, the alleviation of poverty in the UK, and promotion of society within our local communities.
When we started out, we got a lot of calls from professional fund raisers, who frankly annoyed me intensely, although I understand why they are there. It frustrated me that I could be donating money to a good cause, that resulted in paying a salesman's wages, whereas I want to give money to fund particular projects and observed the results.
This has been our mantra ever since. We only give money to charitable causes where we can see the end product, so a charity has to give us details of a specific project. For example we have been supporting Send a Cow for a few years now, and they have always kept us updated with information as to where our money has gone, and what difference it has made to a specific group of people.
We like smaller sized charities as well, and when a solicitor indicated one to us this year, we felt we wanted to donate £2,500 to them, which I think was an overwhelming chunk of money that paid for a large part of their work. Contrast this with some of the larger charities spending millions on projects, I always find the process much more enjoyable as you get more involvement.
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