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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Law Firm Websites - free assessment

26.09.07 Solicitors Firms Websites - some good, a lot terrible!

We have decided to offer a new service to law firms who register vacancies with us. This will be free, and the only catch to it will be that we must be allowed to publish an article on our site about our findings. We will analyse a firm's website free of charge.

Firstly, we will give the firm a breakdown of how popular their site is, what their ranking is for searches in Google, and how visible the website is (eg - have they linked with

Secondly, we will check the site for inconsistencies, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors popular with web designers.

Thirdly, we will rate the site on how efficient it is at what it is supposed to be doing - ie selling the firm, providing an online service, and setting the firm apart from others of a similar nature.

Fourthly we will give a forthright view on what improvements could be made - whether the site accurately reflects the firm, and does the job the firm wants it to.
We will then send all this information through to our client firms, and publish the same on our website. What have you got to lose? Well, you get a link from our site, which is usually high up on google rankings for our required keywords, and you also get free publicity for your website which you would otherwise not have...

Interested? Simply contact us with your vacancies, and give us permission to look at your site and name your firm on our site! Hopefully our directory will become a benchmark for the industry to look at, and publicise the website designers who are any good for law firms and solicitors, and those who are awful!

Jonathan Fagan, MD of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment - no.1 online legal recruitment agency - save time, skip the legal job boards and register with us!

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