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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Interview Answers 3

legal interview question 3: "In your view, what are the major problems/opportunities facing the legal industry?"

Tough question for anyone who does not read the Law Society Gazette and The Lawyer regularly! This does not cost a lot of money to do, more time. The Law Society Gazette can be read online and the The Lawyer can also be read online. If you read these and keep abreast of the issues arising both in terms of opportunities and also difficulties, you should be nicely prepared for this question.

Make sure you know what current issues there are affecting law firms. Your job as a solicitor or trainee solicitor may well depend on it. For example, any lawyer not knowing about the Carter reforms in 2007 will be at a serious disadvantage if working in a high street setting dealing with LSC funded work. Try to concentrate on opportunities as well rather than problems. For example, both journals run articles on overseas and regional markets, outlining where there are opportunities to make money for firms. Try to take these in. You can also see where posts are currently advertised in the backs, as these will give you an idea as to where the legal market is buoyant as well as the legal job market.

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