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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Are Legal Job Boards a waste of time?

10.01.07 "why waste time searching legal job boards when you can register with one agency to look at every option for you?"

The opposite argument is of course that you might miss a whole load of posts arising!

We used to subscribe to a legal job board, who of course must remain nameless, but we found that almost totally all the candidates who registered with us, registered with every other agent out there as well, and firms were getting CVs from all angles pitching up at them. We simply found that spending time sifting through CVs from unsuitable candidates and responding, as well as posting vacancies constantly on the sites was taking too much of our time, so we gave up - we wanted to spend time speaking to contacts, searching for opportunities and marketing our candidates rather than looking at lists and sifting all the time.

In the same way, we argue that you do not actually need to search the boards if you find a good legal recruitment consultant to act for you. We would like to think of ourselves in this category, and in fact would also argue that you can save significant time and effort just registering with one agency to start the ball rolling and give them an open shot at finding you work, assuming you are a marketable candidate of course!

So sit back, register today, play some of our online games, and see what your legal recruitment consultant can do for you with little effort on your part! Of course, some of the contents of this article are slightly biased...

Jonathan Fagan, Legal Recruitment Consultant for Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment - the no.1 online legal job agency - register today and put your feet up!

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