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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How to Set Up a Fully Functioning Legal Advice Shop for less than £500

Take a look at
This site was built in less than 24 hours and is fully functioning for payment processing. We took our first order via the site within another 24 hours, and the software handles immediate downloads of our eBooks.

Total cost = £0 Actual installation knowledge required = understanding of ftp.

Setting up the shop = basic understanding of what ftp, html and php script all mean and how to apply them to a website.

Online payment system = 3% of each sale, plus a handling charge of 20p.

How did we do it?
1. We have our own hosting package using

2. As part of the hosting package we have the ability to install by one-click a whole range of open source software that previously was outside the range of a small business due to the IT knowledge required.

3. One of these packages is Prestashop.

4. We downloaded the software onto our hosting package (it takes one SQL database and a bit of space).

5. We set up our software and linked it to our company Paypal account (we also use an online system called but this is expensive, cumbersome and extremely fiddly to implement).

6. We imported and set up each product, including our downloadable information products.

Is it hard to set up?
It just takes a lot of time to set up your various products, but the power of Prestashop is immense. For example:
1. You can set up the software to provide free downloads to customers, but log each customer’s personal details. This means that you automatically create a database of potential clients.

2. You can provide a whole host of eBook style information sheets or downloads and these will sell themselves without any further involvement of you or your staff.

3. You can provide free downloads of information to attract customers to your website (we recommend making sure that these are something customers will want).

4. The shop can do regular mailshots to customers, email them on their birthday, send out automatic reminders if an order does not go completely through, provide regular annual sales - the options are endless.

Think about the power of this software... The hardest part of making it work for you is the marketing, but that’s another story....
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