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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Are the Legal Services Commission a bunch of clowns?

I am gradually forming the opinion that the LSC is run by a bunch of clowns. I cannot be more blunt or rude but we are getting telephone calls by the dozen from firms of solicitors who have stuck speculative tenders in for Mental Health and Family contracts without having the solicitors in place to run them and looking to recruit (obviously not having the money to pay the solicitors as well), but at the same time firms who have operated for many years with well established departments being refused (as I am writing this I have just taken 3 calls for MHRT lawyers).

We understand a firm in Colchester have been offered a contract covering Chelmsford but do not have a presence there, but firms in Chelmsford have been turned down. We have heard the same thing across England and Wales, time and again.

A team of performing monkeys and circus clowns could probably have produced a more coherent response than that undertaken by the LSC. Who on earth set the criteria for the recent contract awarding and why are they still in a job? Come to think of it why are most law firms bothering to deal with the LSC, and why is the Law Society such a wimpish organisation? GPs would not have allowed the current situation to happen.

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Charles Peter said...

It seems monstrously inequitable how the contracts have been awarded in Family law. We know of many excellent and respected practitioners who have come out with nothing whilst specualtive applications have in some cases been rewarded.