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Monday, May 10, 2010

Writing a Killer CV - Top 10 Tips

Writing a legal CV is fairly easy providing you remember the following:

1. Put your name at the top of the page. (about 1% of all CVs omit this rather important information.
2. Include your date of birth if you feel it is an asset to you.
3. Include a profile underneath your personal and contact details. In this profile put your jobtitle (tailored to the post you are going for), the number of years experience you have, where you are looking for work, how much money you want and when you can start. Keep it very brief indeed.
4. Include your date of qualification if relevant and also date of admission. Dont forget the PSC if you are a solicitor.
5. For your work experience write as much as possible in bulletpointed format. This is by far the most important section on the CV. Facts and figures wherever possible.
6. Dont forget your job title in the work experience section. Again - tailor it where possible.
7. Put your computer skills on the CV. Case management systems always welcome.
8. Activities and interests - these get jobs and interviews.
9. Two references if you are not in work.
10. Use as many pages as you need to, and always send the CV by email unless specifically requested not to.

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