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Monday, May 10, 2010

How to make effective use of Ten-Percent Unlimited

In March 2010 Ten Percent Legal Recruitment introduced Ten-Percent Unlimited, a revolutionary concept giving law firms the chance to recruit directly using our database resources with a one-off fee for a 12 month period. We will allow you to contact as many candidates as you want to through our database, whether by letter, e-mail or telephone, and to recruit without any further charge.

To use the service effectively, you need to consider the following:

1. Recruitment is turned on its head. You are playing the part of the legal recruiter (ie us!), and hence you need to be very nice indeed to candidates.
2. Most of our candidates are always interested in hearing about positions, and lawyers tend to be flattered if they think they are being headhunted. This is the best way of approaching them.
3. Keep all communication as short and vague as possible - candidates tend to be put off by specifics when in fact a position can suit them perfectly. Promote and market your firm and opportunity initially as if the candidate was a potential client.
4. Make sure you keep an eye on the candidate database - we tend to update and overhaul it every week, as well as add new candidates in cycles of 7 days.
5. Request an updated CV before interviewing. Quite a number of our candidates post a CV with us at some stage but do not update for some years. Although all of them are registered as candidates and receive regular job updates as well as newsletters, not all of them are actively seeking work at any time. Passive candidates are highly sought after in recruitment circles, as those who are actively seeking work tend to be those who are least suited to positions.
6. If you have very specific vacancies with a particular specialism, it is worth considering reverting to our conventional recruitment service, as although it costs more, you also get our expertise in sourcing the ideal candidates.

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