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Friday, February 15, 2008

Request for a CV review

"I am an experienced Paralegal looking for a TC in the North East i have sent out over 300 applications with many rejections and many wont even reply!! I cannot move away from the North East and Yorkshire for personal family reasons and i am considering leaving the proffession all together if i dont get a TC soon.

I attach my CV for your perusal and any comments, alterations etc would be appreciated enormously"


Interesting conundrum. However, I would like to set you a task, and if you get to the end of it without having found a training contract, I would be very impressed. Your work experience is not bad, but it isnt that out of this world either (its not very long).

1. find out how much time you are going to be allowed off for your current and former work experience.
2. spellcheck your CV. at present you have a spelling mistake on page 1, which is a catastrophic error!!!!
3. read your CV through carefully, as at present it is a bit rambling and not very clear and to the point. also make sure your covering letter is very brief and again does not ramble - 4 paragraphs of a few sentences per paragraph will be fine.
4. read our guide to getting a training contract, and send out your applications to selected firms.
5. call all of those firms and get a response.
6. take a week off work and go round each firm and ask to see a partner, solicitor or trainee solicitor to discuss.

There must be over 100 firms in the area who deal with either crime or PI, the two areas you have experience in, and one of them is going give you a foot in the door. It must be remembered that we are currently going through a very awkward period for crime incidentally...

Jonathan Fagan

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