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Monday, June 18, 2007

Legal Recruitment closure in South Wales

18.06.07 Another Legal Recruitment Agency opens and closes - not as easy work as some think!

We noticed, whilst surfing the net to find a good web developer, that another company who attempted to branch out into legal recruitment has opened in the last few years and closed its doors again (to legal recruitment work).
Altior, a South Wales company known to 1000's of lawyers (including myself) for its good quality training (I did my Professional Skills Course with them many years ago), opened a recruitment division a few years ago for South Wales, and heavily promoted it in the Gazette and online. There always seems to be money in recruitment for anyone not involved in the practice, and it is a bit of a shock when you go for 4-5 months without introducing any lawyers when you first start up (not saying that Altior did this - we certainly did many years ago!). It looks as if things havent worked out there, as the division has now closed.

Many years ago, I was advised by a Financial Adviser who said that if he could impart one piece of useful business advice it was to stick to what you are good at, and let others worry about making money elsewhere. Partly true, but having dabbled ourselves in other fields at different times, we understand this advice entirely... Every year we watch recruitment firms open their doors, and then close again, when they realise that recruitment is not a quick buck enterprise, but one that involves a lot of patient, hard graft, sometimes for no money at all despite many hours investment! We have invested a lot of time over the years attracting candidates who come back to us time and again to see what we have because they know we are still going to be here, and offer a very honest and reliable service.

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