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Friday, June 29, 2007

Feedback for Solicitors Firm following a Legal Job offer rejected by a Candidate

Why didn't a candidate take us up on our offer?

I was thinking today about firms offering candidates posts, and then not taking the opportunity post offer (if rejected or even if accepted) for blunt feedback on the performance of their firm and staff during and after interviewing.

It is a golden opportunity to see how your staff are performing - eg; whether your receptionist gives a good impression of your company, if the offices are a bit drab, or whether you need to paint the outside of your front door and remove the litter. Also how you came across in interview - did you sell yourselves well, what were the sticking points, and how could you address these in future? After all, the person you have interviewed is somewhat uniquely placed to comment - they will be qualified lawyers, and used to the environment, and able to give a qualified and professional opinion that it may be worth listening seriously to. Similarly if they asked for part time flexible hours, and you have refused point blank, it may also be worth looking at the way you work to see if there is a possibility of including flexibiliy for staff..

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