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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Interview Answer 11

Legal Interview Question 11 (with answer) - what contribution do you make to a team?
A cursed question to anyone who has not worked with business speak before. Includes myself I must confess, as I don't understand such words, but realise when I play cricket that it isn't just me trying to bowl out the opposition or bat to a century each match. The same thing applies in law. The reality is that the concept of teamwork is somewhat different in a law firm - the majority of decisions are made at senior level, and although more junior staff are informed that they need to be 'team players', very often the people who make this sort of comment are not at all in any way! The concept of teamwork is usually - if you smile when you make me a cup of tea, you are clearly a team player, but if you glare at me and drop it in my lap and then smile, you clearly lack social skills.

The contribution you make to a team must be that you offer up your enthusiasm and skills, and that if you are qualified these are going to be extensive, and if you are unqualified, these are going to be limited until you have some experience under your belt.

I cannot see any other way to answer this - you don't want to be a social misfit and say you are a business oracle for other members of the team to consult, or a thinker who carefully considers all options. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

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