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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Redundancies at Law Firms

04.04.07 Help, I've been made redundant - what do I do?

In the current LSC climate, this is starting to happen quite regularly in London particularly, amongst groups of solicitors not used to redundancies! Duty solicitors are being hit quite badly, as firms seek to offload them and reduce their costs. Suddenly people are being handed P45's and told to find another post, and this is something of a shock, especially when you have a mortgage to pay..

The first thing to do is not panic and jump at the first job that comes along. In crime, this is easier said than done, as duty solicitors are not finding any jobs, let alone the first one that comes along! You need to take stock of the situation, and sit back and have a think about where you want to be in a few years time - with another firm, retired, another field of law, a different occupation? Have you been looking to have a break in recent years and never got round to it? Wanting to travel?

See the occasion as an opportunity rather than a calamity, and don't read too much into the term "redundancy". It happens all the time in some areas of law - conveyancing and personal injury have had their moments..

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