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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Graduate Jobs in Law

24.04.07 Paralegal and graduate jobs in law - where are they and how do I find them?
It is the time of year again when 1000's of law students start intensive revision for their examinations, and at the same time sit back and wonder where they are going to look for a job once qualified. It is also the time of year again when we get inundated with telephone calls from them asking "have you got any training contracts" or "where shall I look for a paralegal post", or just "um er have you got any jobs?"

There are now even more people looking for legal work, and even less jobs, partly as a result of the demise of criminal law and the opportunities there being tightly monitored by firms at present, and also because law is becoming more accessible at universities, and there appear to be more and more people from previous years still on the lookout.

First thing to do is to brush up your CV (quick ad here for our CV Services), secondly to sit back and realise that the CV is probably more important than most other pieces of paper you own, and thirdly to write a plan of action - what do you want to do - are you aiming for summer work first, a training contract second, or have you got plenty of experience already and just seeking a training contract? Which fields of law interest you, and do you know what salaries different areas of law attract? Finally dont bother calling agencies to start with (particularly us) as usually unable to assist unless you have specific prior experience in an area of law.

If you get really stuck you could try our legal careers coaching service ( - we have slots available in Oxford in May if you are interested.
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