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Friday, January 15, 2021

Annual Predictions from a Psychic for 2020 - how well did he do?


Annual Predictions - how did the professional psychic do?

We have been following the predictions of Craig Hamilton-Parker of for some years now - it is fascinating to see how he fares every year with his previous year's predictions.

Here are a selection of his predictions for 2020 taken from his website at the start of the year:
War in the Middle East - hmm - sort of correct (but then there is always a war occurring in the Middle East - its a bit like predicting that it will rain in Wales).
Trump Reelected - incorrect
Boris Marries Carrie Symonds - incorrect
Meghan Markle Pregnancy - sort of correct!
Revolution in China - incorrect
European Economic Crisis - incorrect
Yvette Cooper becomes the leader of the Labour Party. - incorrect
Prince Charles will be hit by an egg. - incorrect (unless Camilla threw one at him and nobody knows).
Elizabeth Warren will be the Democrat Presidential Contender - incorrect.

Total score - 1/2 out of 9. Megan was pregnant for a while and there is a war in the Middle East. However it does like the cosmic rays were not fully functioning in 2020!

Selection of Predictions for 2021 Taken From

There will be a tsunami near Japan.
Giant iceberg causes shipping problems.
There will be strikes and protests in the USA, the UK and Europe. Very violent protests occur in Paris, London and Washington.
North Korea will fire more missiles. There will be starvation in North Korea and moves to remove Kim Jong-un by his own people.
New infrastructure projects will be announced including plans to build a tunnel to Northern Ireland.
Southern Ireland will struggle with Brexit and in the years to come will leave the EU.
There will be a public backlash against the BBC’s overt political correctness.
Terrorists hijack a plane. I see Paris. Gunfight in an airport.
Joe Biden will have a short presidency. An illness or accident will stop his presidency short. Biden will be succeeded by a woman.
A serious Trump illness during 2021 is predicted and marital problems ahead. Possible affair revealed. Trump will stand as an independent candidate in 2024. The Republican party will betray him. It’s too soon to say if he will win in 2024. (unless he does the remedies) An earlier election may be called.

We will revisit in January 2021 with a score! Incidentally psychics are available now to speak to at £1.50 per minute on the website above (although there is currently a special offer of 29p per minute for 10 minutes for new customers).


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