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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

70% of Employees Request Flexible or Remote Working


A PR company has issued a press release claiming that research shows that up to 70% of employees in the UK plan to ask their employers if they can work flexibly and/or remotely for at least some or all of the time.

70% of workers plan to ask for remote or flexible working of at least some kind from their employers following the pandemic in 2020. The whole pandemic situation has opened up huge opportunities for employers to save on costs going forward, and use home working as a way of either increasing their prospects of recruitment or by saving costs in terms of rates paid because people no longer have to travel all the time to their offices or places of work.

For employees enforced working from home has opened a lot of eyes to how much time each day is completely wasted travelling to and from a place of work, when for a number of jobs it is completely unnecessary to do so.

Not good news for the commercial property sector which is taking a battering along with the retail sector, but for firms looking to save money on their costs this is a very good and quick way of doing so, providing employers are comfortable with employees not being based in the office.

The pandemic has meant that employers seem much more relaxed now about the concept of home working and they seem to have developed a situation where they feel able to trust their employees to do the work on a daily basis without getting distracted by other things.

We have noticed in the environment of legal locums that a hugely increased number of professional locums will now only work remotely or in an office for some of the time, with the rest of the time spent working on a remote basis, because they’ve got so used to the way of working and of not needing to be based in the office anymore.

The pandemic may well have sparked a revolution in the whole concept of working from home, and has probably shifted views on the issue quite considerably into allowing it both from employee and an employer perspective, because employers can see that actually their employers can be trusted to do the work and are just as productive working from home as in the office, and employees see that it’s not so bad working from home on a remote basis, even without all their colleagues in the same building.

So when you are recruiting in future, bear in mind that home working is the current fashion and if you are able to offer at least some flexibility in this, your choice of potential candidates will be drastically increased. If you refuse to allow any then the job of recruiting staff will be so much harder.

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