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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Facebook Advertising - is it any good?

Facebook Advertising - any good?

I could cut this article very short by saying no, but here is a bit extra. You can advertise your law firm on Facebook to a very wide audience simply by clicking a few links, adding a credit card and bingo! You have pay per click or view advertising on Facebook. We have been on Facebook for many years and my advertising budget is currently set at something like £5 per day.
However - some fairly startling facts for you! Between 2008 and 2017 we spent the grand total of £10.66 on advertising on Facebook. That's £10.66 in total, not per day. This is based on how many people have clicked our adverts. To put this into perspective - in the same time frame on Google Adwords we spent just short of £39,000.
I should add that the very low advertising spend is not through the want of trying - its just that people do not use Facebook for business. We are planning an experiment to test this theory. If I post a vacancy on the internet, across a range of locations including Twitter, Reed, Law Gazette etc.. etc.. we will also post a copy of the job onto Facebook. I can virtually guarantee that not one person will a) read the vacancy and b) respond. So in future we are contemplating not posting the vacancy onto Facebook and seeing what the effect is. Not very scientific but we will see! LinkedIn, on the other hand, has had some very good advertising returns for us over the last 12 months, but thats another article..

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