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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Cure Parkinson's Trust - charity supported by the Ten Percent Foundation in 2016-2017

The Cure Parkinsons Trust - charity supported by the Ten Percent Foundation 2016-2017

Our criteria and policies for donating to charities can be found here –
This year we have written a piece about each charity we have considered and explained why and what we are funding. We have also included any information the charity have sent us including updates from last year on our ongoing donations.
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We discovered the existence of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust whilst researching alternatives to Parkinsons UK. The cure or treatment of Parkinson's is of particular interest to us as we have lost a family member (and former trustee) to the disease.
In 2016 we wrote an article about high salary paying charities and were surprised to discover that Parkinsons UK were on the list (we have donated to them in the past). 10 staff at the charity were earning between £60,000 and £130,000 in 2015. Total amount paid to the senior staff team was £744,550, which means that from the £20’ish million the charity received in donations & legacies, about 3.6% was paid out to 10 members of staff. The Head of Philanthropy at Parkinson’s UK responded to our request for a statement regarding the pay of the senior team, and her response can be found here –
The Cure Parkinson’s Trust aims to find ways to cure Parkinson’s. They had the following accounts for 2015:
They received £2.02 million in donations and legacies.
The charity spent £1.16 million on research funding and education.
Grants to research institutes were £672k.
Salaries at the charity were £425k.
No members of staff earned more than £60k.

The charity sent us a proposal for funding with the following information: “One of our upcoming trials which we urgently need to secure funding for is a trial using a diabetes drug called Lixisenatide. This is part of our Linked Clinical Trials programme, which takes drugs used in other diseases and tests them as treatments for Parkinson’s – because they show strong biochemical potential to slow, stop or reverse the disease. This is ground-breaking work and we believe it will have an impact in the clinic within five years. The Lixisenatide trial follows on from previous research we have supported testing diabetes drugs in Parkinson’s with encouraging results, and will help us to understand how diabetes drugs can slow or stop the progression of Parkinson’s. I have attached a brief proposal with further details about the trial and our work and we would be delighted if your Foundation were able to consider supporting the project.”
We made the decision to donate £1,000, with a view to donating again in future years. We have also highlighted The Cure Parkinson’s Trust on our website and mentioned them to other donors. The charity’s website is
For further details about the Ten Percent Foundation please visit

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