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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Euro 2016 Finals and how to survive them

Euro 2016 finals and how to survive them
Its that time of year again when football has an effect on just about everything going on in the workplace and the economy. Forget the ins and outs of the EU referendum campaign - we have noticed the effect of the football phenomenon every year the World Cup or the Euros have been played. Business seems to just stop. Suddenly the national team takes pride of place.

Some employers are very good at identifying the desire of their employees to watch the match, or at least pay it some attention rather than their work. Other employers are pretty hopeless.

Here is our guide to surviving the Euros - for employed staff and employers:

1. Shut the office for the afternoon on Thursday June 16th. This is when England play Wales - kick off at 2pm. Even if you stay open the vast majority of your employees will be busy staring into space and glaring at you intermittently. People never forget this type of thing and it will be remembered...
2. Give staff the opportunity to leave early if needs be on matchdays. For Irish fans this will be Monday 13th June (kick off at 5pm v Sweden), Thursday 16th June (Northern Ireland kick off at 5pm v Ukraine) and Tuesday 21st June (Ireland v Germany).
3. Offer staff the option to make up the hours by coming in an hour early on these days.
4. If you have to stay open give staff the option of listening to the game on the radio or via the iPlayer whilst they work.
5. The later stages of the tournament have no matches in the day apart from Monday 27th June (5pm kickoff). This means that no hours should be lost, and also means that the only day you really need to think about is Thursday June 16th..

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