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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

A Psychic's 2015 New Year Predictions Revisited

Every year we produce an article for our January Legal Recruitment Newsletter about predictions for the previous year by an expert online psychic, Craig Hamilton-Parker (from We have also included his 2016 predictions below to see how he does when we revisit in 2017. In 2014 Mr Hamilton-Parker scored 1 out of 16. Mr Hamilton-Parker charges £1.50 per minute for his services via telephone consultations.

A Psychic look at 2016

Online Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker's Predictions and Results for 2015

1. Prince Harry will get engaged (correct)
2. Major volcanic eruptions in Japan and Hawaii (correct - although Hawaii volcanoes have been erupting constantly since 2008!)
3. National Health and Police strikes with riots in London (incorrect on all three)
4. Joan Collins dies (wrong - although Jackie Collins died)
5. Royal family death (wrong)
6. Strange fluctuations in the Earth’s Magnetic Field Detected (too vague to check!)
7. A Nuclear submarine will get into serious problems (wrong - although a UK sub did get a £500k dent in April according to the Daily Mail)
8. 2015 will be a year with a lot of Maritime problems and there could be a very serious disaster – akin to the sinking of the Titanic. (correct in a sense - migrant vessels sank in the Mediterranean in 2015 with large death toll).
9. Economically, India will rise faster than China in the coming years (too vague to check)
10. Josefina Vázquez Mota will become the first female president of Mexico. (wrong)
11. There will be a bad earthquake during 2015 in Mexico City (correct - sort of - lots of earthquakes hit Mexico City).
12. Many countries may see terrorist attacks from loan gunmen. I ‘see’ Berlin, Rome and Paris as targets but a simultaneous London attack with be thwarted. (partly correct)
13. There will be a celebrity kidnapping and an attack on a member of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family (wrong).
14. The Conservatives will win the UK election by a whisker. Cameron will be ousted just after the election despite his electoral success. (correct and wrong at the same time!).
15. During 2015 Jeb Bush will gain popularity and will win the American Election in 2016. (wrong so far - 29% and dropping).

Score: 5 out of 16, although 3 of these relate to common events occurring regularly - eg earthquakes in earthquake zones. Much better than 2014 though..

Mr Hamilton-Parker's Psychic Predictions for 2016
1. Massive earthquake in Himalayas causes dam to burst.
2. Japanese island sinks beneath the sea – this will be a year with many sudden environmental changes. There will also be a bigger than ever disruption to the ice sheets.
3. Unprecedented rainfall disrupts some of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
4. A comet/asteroid is missed by most astronomical observatories and comes close to Earth.
5. EU referendum brought forward and leaves EU (presumably this relates to the UK)
6. Large fire in historic Dutch building sees many masterpieces destroyed.
7. Extensive flooding in UK during winter with tidal surge causing extensive damage in Southern England. Dates to watch 11th and 29th November and February 23rd
8. New refugee wave from Ukraine and Georgia as Russia tightens its grip on dissidents.
9. Rise of right-wing politics in Spain, France and Italy sees rioting on streets and mosques burnt.
10. Turkey will invade Kurdish areas of Syria.
11. Massive increase in use of drones in Syria quell ISIS. Britain puts some troops on the ground.
12. New form of nanotechnology used to track terrorists.
13. Commonly used food additive is conclusively proven as a cause of cancer.
14. Prince Phillip is taken seriously ill and has major life and death operation.
15. There is an attempted behind-the-scenes coup in China as Chinese currency collapses.
16. An alleged naked picture of Kim Jong-un causes a political row.
17. Donald Trump’s bid for the Whitehouse if thwarted by illness. The last battle is neck and neck between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. The republicans win after a sudden last minute change of republican candidates.
18. British Labour Party splits in two with one section joining the Liberals. British Labour Party make big gains in Scotland.
19. India’s economy surges forward. New deals made between UK and India

Mr Hamilton-Parker also talks about World War III starting, although not clear what this relates to - I would have expected World War III to include the end of humanity but there we go.. Perhaps we will not be around next year to find out the results of his predictions?

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Well the UK Labour Party really seems like it's going to split into two... Great Prediction!