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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Free Legal Careers, CV and Interview Support for Lawyers and Law Graduates on Jobseekers Allowance

The Ten-Percent Foundation is a charitable trust set up over 10 years ago for a whole range of purposes. Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment donates 10% of annual profits to the charity, which is the only income the trust has.

During the years of 2008-2010 the company struggled to meet the payments, thanks to the recession, and as a result Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment owes an amount of money to the Ten-Percent Foundation from this period.

As part of our effort to reduce the deficit (we sympathise with George Osbourne on this point!), we have decided to offer the services of me, Jonathan Fagan, for occasional free career coaching sessions to anyone in the legal profession experiencing financial hardship, in lieu of our own financial commitment.

These will be available to any qualified lawyers or law students/graduates in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance (or equivalent) and usually possible at fairly short notice (4-7 days) to meet us in London and occasionally Chester for a free 1-2 hour legal career coaching/CV writing/interview training session.

There is no charge for this. To put it into monetary terms the usual cost of this service is around £300-700 depending on your circumstances and the session we agree to hold with you. Between 2009 and 2010 the Department of Work and Pensions contracted with us to provide careers sessions to unemployed professionals and we undertook approximately 400 sessions like this in all walks of life (although my specialism is legal recruitment).

To benefit from the service, simply email us at, confirming your receipt of JSA and giving us a bit about your situation. We do not want to know about your finances (we are not that nosy!) but rather your career to date and any particular problems or issues you have that I can assist with. We can assist with legal career coaching - ie decisions regarding your legal career whether short term or long term, interview coaching - if you are failing to get past the final hurdle - and CV writing. We will choose who we want to assist and reserve the right to be extremely selective. We do the same with our paid careers services - I think we turn down about 50% of people who ask for a quote..

As and when we have a session available, we will email out to notify you. This will be a once only offer and the date and time given will not be adjustable. We will also ask you to sign an agreement confirming that you will pay a £150 administration fee if you fail to turn up without a valid reason, which will almost always require a medical certificate or similar. After all, nothing is more frustrating that someone deciding not to attend when we may have turned down another 20 people for the same session.

Please do not a) telephone us, b) email us or c) pester us about this service. Simply email once. 99.9% of email arrives, and if anyone does contact us apart from an initial email we will not consider you.

As soon as we have worked off a percentage of our deficit, this service will cease unless our sense of philanthropy continues...

Jonathan Fagan is Managing Director and Legal Career Coach with Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment - Online Legal Recruitment for Solicitors, Legal Executives, Fee Earners, Support Staff, Managers and Paralegals. Visit our Website to search or download our Vacancy Database or view our Candidate Database online.
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