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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Perfect Interview

If you could conduct the perfect job interview how would it go? Here is our suggestion. If you have any others, let us know via or our facebook account.

1. Set up the interview room with the interviewee's chair in an odd position.
2. Get one of your employees to sit in the waiting room and engage the interviewee in conversation about anything non-work related.
3. When greeting the interviewee, shake their hand for a minimum of 5 seconds.
4. See what they do with the chair.
5. Interview questions as follows:

a. If you were conducting this interview, what would you want to find out about yourself?
b. Tell me about yourself in 30 seconds.
c. Tell me about myself in 30 seconds.
d. If I was to go onto the internet and find out about you, what would I find?
e. If I was to tell you that there is no salary offered for this role and I want you to pay me to work here, what would you say?
f. Tell me a joke.
g. What is 24 x 67?
h. If man had three legs, what added benefits would there be to our lives?
i. As a bank manager, would you ever loan money to a firm who did not have a website or presence?
j. Five people are in a room. How do you determine which one is a leader?
k. Are you a leader or a team player? Do you want my job?
l. If we were to ask your office cleaner about you, what would they say?
m. Have a look at this file. Do you think we have done enough work on it or not enough?
n. How do you streamline a business like ours?

I think this interview would last about 20 minutes and give you sufficient information about a candidate to know whether you would want to employ them or not.

Try it and let us know!

Jonathan Fagan, MD of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment

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